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Deleted Scene From Hoosiers-Buddy Comes Back To Hickory


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Deleted Scene From Hoosiers-Buddy Comes Back To Hickory

Deleted scene from 'Hoosiers' Buddy decides to come back to play for Hickory

Deleted Scene - Second Chance for Hoosiers on TrailerAddict.

If you love 'Hoosiers' you probably already have seen the thirteen deleted scenes that came out on the re-release on DVD and most recently Blu-Ray. The one that is by far the 'BIGGEST' deletion is when Buddy Walker (Brad Long) comes to visit Coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) at his home and asks to play again for Hickory. Loetta (Laura Robling), who is also in the scene, was Buddy's girlfriend and the daughter of Cletus (Sheb Wooley) the Hickory principal. If you watch the deleted scenes you will notice that Robling was in most of them. Dale gives Buddy one more chance in the scene.

Why this scene is important to the movie, Buddy is tossed out of practice by Norman Dale for talking and being disrespectful. This came right after his Dad, George (Chelcie Ross), is told to leave the coaching to Dale. During the movie Buddy suddenly shows up in the huddle and is playing for the Huskers with no explanation. Now you see him, now you don't, now you see him again. The deleted scene shows you how it happened.

According to Director David Anspaugh, (native of Decatur, Indiana), the studio at the time of post-editing wanted the movie under two hours for showing on the big screen. This was the final scene deleted from the film.

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Celina Wins!

SSN's Dave Schmidt with the call...

1991 Ohio High School Regional Championship basketball game. Last second shot by Jill Froning for unranked Celina wins the game over Ohio's #1 rated Pickerington (were also rated in USA Today Top 5)...Celina went on to win the Ohio D1 State Championsip game. Game was played at Bellefontaine HS, Dave Schmidt doing the play-by-by for Celina Cable TV.

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