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Upset of the 20th Century - Mendon-Union Knocks Off Delphos St. John's

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Celina Girls Track 'Dynasty'

Upset of the 20th Century - Mendon-Union Knocks Off Delphos St. John's


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Upset of the 20th Century

Mendon-Union Knocks Off Delphos St. John's

Thanks to the Mercer County Library for digital yearbooks on their site and additional help from Amy Broering

(7-25-16) - Coach Mike Schumm led Mendon-Union to what most Mercer County fans believed to be the biggest upset in area basketball history in the 20th Century. On February 1, 1985, Delphos St. John's came to Mendon-Union with a 13-0 record and was ranked third in the state. Mendon-Union led the entire game and finished with a 70-62 win.

Schumm, best known for baseball, is in the Ohio HS Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame with over 400 wins (Ft. Recovery, Mendon-Union and Parkway) and led Parkway to state baseball titles in 1987 and 1991. But on that first night in February of 1985 the Pirates beat the powerhouse Blue Jays and Hall of Fame Coach Bob Arnzen (646 career wins) and Schumm was known as a basketball coach.

The game was played in the Pirates cracker box gym, out of bounds was the walls and the mid-court was one used in many small gyms, cross the mid-coourt line and a line behind it became the timeline. Looking back, it was a great venue to watch high school basetball, they could have shot 'Hoosiers' on site.

Coach Mike 'Spank' Schumm's thoughts on the game

It was a 'David vs. Goliath' story in a 'Hoosiers' gym setting. I remember our small gymnasium was packed and loud with faithful Pirate and Blue Jay fans. The bleachers were filled with nothing but blue and gold, since both teams had that combination as their school colors. But as my wife has stated on many occasions, there was a certain 'electricity' in the air that made that night very different from the rest and very special.

It was a night in which we led from the beginning of the game to the end. We shot extremely well from the field, outrebounded the Blue Jays on the evening and played tenacious defense. Our team didn't have great height, but we were fortunate to have athletic young men that could shoot, get inside position on the rebound, and utilize their quickness on defense and in transition.

I remember at halftime the kids didn't want to sit down and were ecstatic to be up on the undefeated Blue Jays. There was a certain determination, focus, and resolve that we were going to win that game. Nothing was going to change that course of direction.

As the game was nearing the end, the crescendo of the crowd was deafening as they realized victory was imminent. When the game was over, fans flooded the floor and the scene was reminiscent of a state championship. It was a feeling that I, the players, and the fans will never forget - it is still brought up in conversation today.

Perhaps one of the more memorable things following the game was the post handshake with Coach Arnzen. He was always (and still is) a legend to me. Coach Arnzen shook my hand, told me congratulations on a great win, gave credit to the way our kids played the game and wished me best of luck the rest of the season. His team was 13-0, ranked third in the state and was an overwhelming favorite to win that game - yet he graciously was warm and complimentary in defeat. I always had tremendous respect for Coach Arnzen, but that night my respect reached a whole different level. It was truly an honor to have coached against him and to have known him as a human being.

Later that evening I had to call in the score and interestingly, much of media wouldn't believe me - they thought is was a prank call and some verified it through other sources. It was a night of disbelief for many, but for the players involved, it was a culmination of hard work, enthusiasm, dedication, and confidence.

I was (and still am) proud of those young men for what they accomplished that evening. It was a pleasure and an honor to have been called their coach. What an everlasting memory they have created for the Mendon-Union community - and for us all.

Mendon-Union 70 Delphos St. John's 62

Game Totals

Joel O'Neill 24 points and 10 rebounds
Rick Ziegenbusch 14 points
Chris Welker 14 points and 13 rebounds
Brett Derossett 6 points
Jeff Godwin 7 points
Eric Goodwin 3 points
Bill George 2 points


Mendon-Union 40
Delphos St. John's 32

Score By Quarters

DSJ 14 - (17) 31 (18) 49 - (13) 62
M-U 18 - (18) 36 (18) 54 - (16) 70

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