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UPDATED - June 30, 2015

It's been over a year since New Bremen school officials decided to remain in the MAC with all sports, including football. After this situation was settled sveral items of interest:

* New Bremen wen 0-8 in the MAC and 0-10 on the season
* Howard Overman stepped down as District Superintendent
Below is what happened last year, note that football records have been updated.

New Bremen To Remain In MAC

(2-5-14) - Statement from New Bremen Superintendent Howard Overman
After much discussion and weighing other options the New Bremen Schools will remain affiliated with Midwest Athletic Conference for all sanctioned sports. The number of football players is down due to smaller class sizes, but should be adequate to fulfill the conference obligations. The community and school have rallied around the team and will support their competitive efforts in the MAC.

CLICK HERE - New Bremen ready to give MAC an answer

NOTE: MAC Executive Board meeting scheduled for January 29th in Celina was cancelled due to the many days off due to weather for member schools.

CLICK HERE - Cardinals are only MAC school without a state title, Community/Admins deciding fate of football

updated 1-16-14

MAC Commissioner Comments On New Bremen Situation

The Midwest Athletic Conference Constitution and By-Laws include an article which prohibits member schools from picking and choosing which sports they participate in, within the Conference. It is rather clear; if you have a varsity sports program, in a sport recognized as a Midwest Athletic Conference sport, your team must participate in the Conference in that sport.

Disregarding this article would cause chaos within the Conference for scheduling purposes. Without it, member school would be able to pick and choose which Conference sports they wish to participate. It would be impossible, in that environment, to set long-term Conference schedules for any sport.

The administration and residents of the New Bremen School District are proud charter members of the Midwest Athletic Conference, and this is a tough situation for them; a situation none of them want to be in. Rest assured; the Midwest Athletic Conference is working towards assisting New Bremen High School through this difficult time. Proposals have been, and will continue to be, composed, with the goal being a long-term resolution that all Midwest Athletic Conference member schools can support. There isn't an easy solution for this issue, if there was, it would have already been put in place.

I ask for patience and understanding as New Bremen High School, and we, as a Conference, continue to explore possible resolutions for this situation. Conjecture and rumors will not solve this problem.

There is one additional issue I would like to address. In the fall of 2005, Anna High School was asked, and agreed, to join the Midwest Athletic Conference as a “football only” participant. The decision to add Anna High School as a “football only” participant solved the Midwest Athletic Conference issue of rotating a “non-conference” game, week two through week ten. It was very difficult for Conference teams to find a “non-conference” game in week four through week ten, when all other conferences are playing their conference schedules.

This is a completely separate issue, and needs to be thought of as Anna High School taking New Knoxville High School’s place in the football portion of Midwest Athletic Conference schedule. Anna High School has never been “formally” invited to be a full member of the Midwest Athletic Conference. The circumstance wasn’t that Anna High School selected which sport they chose to compete as a Conference member, they were simply invited, and accepted, as a “football only” participant, by the Midwest Athletic Conference member schools.

Don Kemper, Commissioner
Midwest Athletic Conference

updated 1-16-14

UPDATE: New Bremen Community Meeting On Athletics

CLICK HERE - AUDIO - Superintendent Howard Overman

New Bremen Superintendent Howard Overman talked with WCSM radio today about Wednesday's community meeting on athletics.

Audio link from WCSM, Celina

1-16-14- email reply to our request on last night's meeting

There was a community meeting held in New Bremen last evening to discuss the athletic departments options due to the low numbers in the football program. The goal of the meeting was to give the community the facts, options and voice their concerns and questions of the situation. We will now take the information received to make the best decision for our students now and in the future. Our goal is to continue varsity football in the MAC.

Howard Overman, Superintendent
New Bremen Schools
1-15-14 - Some information and thoughts that came out of tonight's meeting in New Bremen discussing the future of football and athletic membership.

Midwest Athletic Conference has informed New Bremen schools that they will not be allowed to leave for football only, could lose MAC membership for all other sports.

Recruitment of players will be a key if the Cardinals continue with varsity football in the future. If it is decided not to field a varsity team, school officials will consider a JV schedule and will pay MAC schools for gate receipt and concessions lost in revenue.

NOTE: Waiting for New Bremen and MAC officials to issue official statements.

New Bremen Superintendent Howard Overman Comments On Meeting

CLICK HERE - AUDIO - Superintendent Howard Overman

New Bremen Superintendent Howard Overman talked with WCSM radio today about Wednesday's community meeting on athletics.

Audio link from WCSM, Celina

Not Everybody Has Had Success In MAC Football

How will the MAC handle the problem

1-13-14 - This Wednesday night the community of New Bremen will meet to discuss it's football program for the future. Over the last several years the program has gone through some very "tough" seasons. The MAC is considered by many the top small school conference in Ohio and has had great success in the state football play-offs -

CLICK HERE - Past MAC Football Playoff Appearances
Two other MAC schools find themselves in the same situation as New Bremen on finding MAC football success - Ft. Recovery and Parkway.

Year POS		MAC	Overall
2014 9.  Parkway	1-7	1-9
2013 8.  Parkway	2-6	3-7
2012 10. Parkway	0-8 	0-10
2011 7.  Parkway 	2-6 	3-7
2010 9.  Parkway 	1-7 	2-8
2009 9.  Parkway 	1-7 	1-9 	
2008 7.  Parkway 	2-6 	4-6
2007 3.  Parkway 	7-2 	8-2
2006 8.  Parkway 	2-7 	2-8
2005 7.  Parkway 	2-6 	 

MAC Football Titles (3): 1975, 1974, 1973

Seasons	Win	Loss
42	81	202
Year POS		MAC	Overall
2014 9.  Ft. Recovery	4-4	7-5
2013 9.  Ft. Recovery	1-7	3-7
2012	 Ft. Recovery	1-7	3-7
2011 7.  Ft. Recovery 	2-6 	4-6
2010 10. Ft. Recovery 	0-8 	2-8
2009 8.  Ft. Recovery 	2-6 	3-7 	
2008 9.  Ft. Recovery 	1-7 	3-7
2007 6.  Ft. Recovery 	4-5 	5-5
2006 10. Fort Recovery 	0-9 	0-10
2005 8.  Ft. Recovery 	1-7 	1-9

MAC Football Titles (0):
Seasons	Win	Loss
20	22	128	
In comparison - 2 newest MAC Members-

MAC Football Titles (0):
Seasons	Win	Loss
9	41	25

MAC Football Titles (1): 2003
Seasons	Win	Loss
14	59	47
Several years ago Ft. Recovery asked for some considerations to help with the situation, although never made public, they were denied that rquest. The future make-up of MAC football membership might be decided in one small step this Wednesday (Jan 15) in New Bremen. Dropping football or facing numbers issues like this is becoming more and more common. This past year Hardin Northern decided just before the season started that they would not play a varsity football schedule.

This left 10 schools searching at the last the moment to fill open dates. The Blanchard Valley Conference than decided to "exclude" HN from playing in the conference for the next two years.

Hardin Northern Background

updated 8-3-13

CLICK HERE - Hardin Northern will play independent grid schedule

updated 8-2-13

CLICK HERE - HN football is out of BVC in 2014-15

updated 7-20-13

CLICK HERE - Blanchard Valley Conference grid teams still in a bind

CLICK HERE - Ada, others still hope to play a full 10-game schedule

updeated 6-29-13

CLICK HERE - Hardin Northern suspends varsity football program

CLICK HERE - Late decision by HN puts opponents in a bind

The success of the other MAC members have put three members in a situation of looking for answers for the future. The BVC found out the hard way and was caught in the middle of the mess. The MAC is next up to face the issue of a member school looking at football for the future, New Bremen's problem now becomes a MAC problem.

Solutions are out there, it will be interesting to see how the conference members handle the problem. One question, should New Bremen actually cut the football program, what will Ft. Recovery and Parkway do next? Better to deal with the situation now, than to be caught off-guard.

New Bremen To Consider Football Future

UPDATE - 1-13-14 - "Midwest Athletic Conference declined comment on the situation."

1-11-14 - Football was discussed at a recent New Bremen Board of Education meeting. This week according to a posting on the New Bremen Schools web site the following resulted -

Community Meeting About Athletics

New Bremen High School will host a community meeting on Wednesday, January 15th at 7:00PM in the Commons Area to discuss the status of our athletic programs, with the main focus on our football program. All New Bremen community members are invited to attend.

The Cardinals had an 0-8 season in the Midwest Athletic Conference and went 0-10 overall in 2014. In 42 seasons as a member of the MAC they have one shared football title in 1988.

MAC Football Standings

Postion			MAC	Overall
10.  New Bremen	 	0-8	0-10

10.  New Bremen	 	0-8	0-10

8.   New Bremen		2-6	2-8

10.  New Bremen 	0-8 	0-10

7.   New Bremen 	2-6 	2-8

5.   New Bremen 	4-4 	5-5

7.   New Bremen 	2-6 	3-7

7.   New Bremen 	2-7 	2-8

9.   New Bremen 	1-8 	1-9

9.   New Bremen 	0-8 	0-10

CLICK HERE - Past MAC Football Standings

All Time MAC Football Team Results through 2014

MAC Championships-MAC Outright Champs-MAC Co-Champs-Seasons
	1		0		1	      42		

Win	Loss 	Tie 	% 
76	214	1	0.276

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